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Coyote Trapping DVD
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Otter Trapping DVD
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Otter Trapping With John  Cipala DVD
John Cipala started trapping at age 10, and has covered a lot of miles over the past 50 years in Pennsylvania, New York, Tennessee and Alberta, Canada. He has crossed paths with great friends like Mike Marsyada, Johnny Thorpe and Stan Forsyth who have influenced him over the years. Includes pipe drainage set, bottom edge set, locations, blind sets, back channels, trail sets, slick hole sets, crossover sets, and much, much more. 64 minutes.
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Coyote Trapping with Stan Forsyth
Ride along with a professional trapper and lure maker - Stan Forsyth, as he shares over 40 years of canine trapping experience in the farm lands of Alberta. This is the real deal, nothing staged and jam-packed of his actual field knowledge. Stan cuts thru all the mysteries and shares his knowledge with simple and effective deadly sets, that will help you understand the elusive coyote and make large catches. Watch how a seasoned trapper adjusts and adapts to environment and severe weather changes. Topics covered are trap treating, bedding materials, skull sets, flat sets, dirt hole variations, freeze proof sets, tools and equipment, lure and urine usage, staking methods, 3-point locations, hot spots, skunk dispatch, essence removal, and many more tips and tricks. Tons of action and catches!!! 
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