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Water Trapping Lure
Forsyth Mink Gland Lure
A natural mink gland lure, full of glands and secretion for the wise old buck.
Order FL15
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Muskrat Call Lure
Lots of Rat calling ingredients in this one. Place waterproof lure on dry stick, and place at set. I have watched many a rat take off with the stick and lick it clean during intial testing. This one is a must for the serious muskrat trapper.
Order FL16
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Beaver Lure
An old standby with thousands of beaver to its credit; this thick, dark, waterproof lure endures spring rains and autumn frosts. Used by professional government trappers everywhere for beaver contro -l it has been rated a top notch beaver lure. Anytime! Anywhere!
Order FL17
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Beaver Call Lure
Exceptional in quality this product is a rich red oil-type lure with a different twist and is excellent for a change-up lure on the wise old flat-tail. Formulated to meet the high standards of Forsyth Lures this one will be sure to pull the beaver in.
Order FL18
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Mink Lure
On the main menu of the old musky tail.  We definitely recommend this lure for any mink trappers.  This includes one secret ingredient that makes this lure stand high above all others in its class.
Order FL14
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Trouble Maker Lure (Raccoon)
Trouble Maker was developed in 2009, tested in Nova Scotia and customers throughout New York and Iowa in either Cage Traps or Dog Proof Raccoon Traps. This heavy paste type curiosity food based with a sweet smell makes it deadly attractant to the coons! Freeze proof and long lasting in cold & wet weather. Further testing has also proven that grey fox are extremely enticed to it!
Order FL22
$12.95 - 50ml
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