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Caribou Knives
Specially designed tools for a special purpose. These knives are made to withstand and last there intended uses. Skinners, pelters and scrapers, fine tools of the trade. All are made from fine surgical stainless steel, and finished with an HRC of 57-58.
Sheep Wool
Tail Stripper
Tail Slitting Guide
Hide Tanning Formula
Aluminum Tail Stripper
Lightweight, durable.and works well on most furbearers.
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12.95 - each
Sheep Wool
Raw wool, all natural. Great for using as a lure holder.
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$5.00 - 1 large bag
Tail Slitting Guide
Designed to be used with a knife. Helps make a straight split down the length of the tail.
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$4.95 - each
Hide Tanning Formula
Tan your own furs and hides at home in less than a week at a fraction of the normal cost. 8-ounce bottle

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$13.95 - each
Forsyth Lures Cap
Order FCC
14.95 -  each
#6SR Curved Skinning Knife
This is a wide curved skinner with a rounded tip.  The blade length is 3 1/2" by 7/8" wide.  Cutting edge is 4" long.
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$52.95 - each
6SR Skinner
#8S Beaver Skinning Knife
This is a wide rounded blade best used on beavers. The blade length is 3 1/2" by 1 1/4" at it's widest part. Cutting edge is 3 1/2" long.
Order 8SS
$41.95 - each
8S Skinner
Aluminum Push Pins
For use on wooden stretchers. Reusable durable aluminum pins . Same pins used by most fur buyers. Tempered steel points. (5/8") 100 per box
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$9.95 - box
Black HD 18 Ounce Skinning Apron
Reinforced tough nitrile hycar blend for rugged wear, and flexibility in extreme cold temperatures, designed for oils and animal fats. It will take years of abuse.
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$19.95 - each
Forsyth's Trap Coat Solution
Speeds up trap efficiency, and is very durable for all water traps to prevent rust. Mixes with camp fuel or gas - quick dry in 2 hours, non-sticky. When diluted works great for snares too!
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$19.95 - 1 litre (+ $5.00 added shipping)
Trap Coat
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Skinning Gambrel
This is the most universal and best skinning gambrel on the market. It will securely hold the animalís feet and help prevent feet pulling off while skinning. Swivel on top.Twist Link Machine Chain - Use of chains makes it self-adjusting for anything from mink to coyotes.
Order SGB
$15.95 - each
Skinning Gambrel
Fur Comb
Great for cleaning and fluffing fur. Helps remove dried blood, cockleburs, and other foreign material.
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$15.95 - each
Fur Comb
Murray's E-Z Kut Tool
Does an excellent job of opening tails after bone has been removed. Works from mink to coyote. Also proven for field dressing deer. For deer, just make a small hole at the brisket and let the E-Z Kut do the rest. Eliminates danger of cutting intestines. E-Z Kut fits the hand very well. Overall length is six inches.
Order EZK
$5.95 - each
EZ Kut Tool
Dexter Beaver Knife
Dexter Beaver Knife
This excellent economical  beaver skinning knife is most popular, throughout North America
Order DBK
$18.95 - each
#FDE Double Edge Flesher
This is a long curved double edge flesher with two handles. The blade length is 10 1/2" by 1 1/8" wide. Scraping edge is 8 1/2" on the concave side and 9 1/4" on the convex side.
Order 128DE
$79.95 - each
Double Edge
#20W Large Fleshing Tool
This is a large fleshing tool sharpened on both sides, best used on larger pelts. The blade length is 3 1/2" by 3/4" wide. Scraping edge is 4 1/4" long not including the corners. Various Hardwood Handle.
Order 20W
$37.95 - each
Fleshing Tool
Wiebe Knives
Wiebe Skinner
A small pointed 4 inch blade makes it ideal for skinning small critters like mink, rabbits. squirrels, muskrats etc. The blade is made of 3CR13 stainless steel, and is HRC52 to HRC55 in hardness. The steel is hard enough to hold a good edge yet can be sharpened with standard sharpening tools.
Order WSK
$15.95 - each
Wiebe Pelt Scraper
This 3 1/4-inch width knife is square (for fat and meat) on one edge and sharp (for gristle) on the other. An excellent tool for smaller hides, muskrat, mink etc. Also very useful for touching up around edges and legs the on bigger critters. A well made high quality instrument that will last you a lifetime.
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$19.95 - each
Wiebe Skinning Knife
Other Supplies
Black Trap & Snare Pro Dip
Rapid dry, odor free and water base solution. Speeds up trap efficiency & prevents rust. The only dip to use for K9ís while in season.
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$19.95 - 1 litre (+ $5.00 added shipping)
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Forsyth Lure Cap
Wiebe Pelter
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White Pro Dip Trap & Snare Dye
Non sticky, smooth finish, rapid dry, odour free, water base solution. Speeds up equipment efficiency and prevents rust.
Great for snow trapping and snaring. Just add a can and half of water, and mix well and dip equipment. 1 litre = approximately 33 ounces.

$19.95 - 1 litre + $5.00 added shipping
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Montana Trapper's Bag
Heavy duty bucket style bag designed by 2 Montana trappers, John Wilson and Andy Weiser. This durable bag is excellent for the K9 line or the Marten and lynx lines of the north, made with vinyl coated polyester that will not get hard in extremely cold temperatures. 15" tall x 11" great for tools and snares. 2 carrying handles, 9 outside pockets different sizes designed to hold bait jars, urine, and various lure bottles, 1 inside pocket, 6"x6", welded seams, sewn pockets with drain holes, all season weather proof.
Order PB
$89.95 - each
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Wiebe Pelter
A small pointed blade makes it ideal for skinning small critters like Mink, squirrels, muskrat, etc.
Order WPLT
$15.95 - each
#2S Small Pelter Knife
This is a narrow small pelter with a gradual rounding of the tip. The blade is 3 3/8" in length by 1/2" width at it's widest part. Cutting edge is 3 1/4" long.

Order 2SP
$21.95 - each
2S Pelter
#5M Mink Skinner Knife
This is a small knife with a drop point best used on mink. The blade length is 2 3/8" by 1/2" at it's widest part. Cutting edge is 2 1/8" long.
Order 5MK
$21.95 - each
Black Pro Dip
White Pro Dip
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Key-Wick Holders
The Key-Wickģ has revolutionized the entire scent dispenser industry. Itís the worldís most popular scent wick product, and itís easy to see why! Patented
-Convenient shape will dip right into a bottle of liquid scent
-Made with special synthetic felt that will not alter or change the odor of your lure
-Extreme absorbance and high scent dispersion
-Hangs easily on branches or twigs to really wick out the scent
-Comes in a resealable, zip lock bag
Order KWH
$3.95 - each