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We are excited to announce that Stan and Brayden have been working very closely to ensure you receive the same quality lures. Brayden is a devoted trapper who started trapping at a very young age and whose passion has only grown and expanded into lure making. Brayden is looking forward to supplying you with The Lure of the North!

Forsyth Lures - In Partnership With Nature

Watch the trailer for Coyote Trapping With Stan Forsyth. Stan shares over 40 years of canine trapping experience in the farm lands of Alberta to help you become the best coyote trapper possible.
Watch the trailer for Stan Forsyth's new video, Canine Foothold Snow Trapping. Learn from this DVD how to make your winter canine trapping season more successful as Stan shares his vast knowledge.
Watch Making Sense of Scents -- over 13 minutes of information from luremaker Stan Forsyth who explains lure and bait usage and the importance of using them on your trapline.


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With over 40 years of experience in lure making and animal attractants, we are pleased to offer customized formulated and made-to-order specialty lure making for your Government and Biological Projects on various wildlife species. Our experiences vary from rabbits/hares to Grizzly bear.

Whatever your mission might be, we are always a phone call away to discuss your plans for environmental impact studies, wildlife and DNA capture surveys.


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