Trapping Oils

Our selection of oils are some of the best on the market today. We sell only the best, and use what we sell!
Watch the trailer for Coyote Trapping With Stan Forsyth. Stan shares over 40 years of canine trapping experience in the farm lands of Alberta to help you become the best coyote trapper possible.
Watch six wolves coming into Forsyth Lures' Famous Wolf Gland Lure. This video was captured by the  Fish & Wildlife of British Columbia during wolf studies. Lure choice for the study was from Stan Forsyth.
Watch Making Sense of Scents -- over 13 minutes of information from luremaker Stan Forsyth who explains lure and bait usage and the importance of using them on your trapline.
Mink Oil

Mink Oil
100% mink fat rendered down on site with a particular heat process, one of the best tanned leather softeners available, good for boots, mitts, harness. An excellent lure base when looking to waterproof your lures.

100ml (3.40 oz) - $7.95
Seal Oil
Not Available in the US
Seal Oil
100% pure rendered seal oil, one of the finest animal attractors known. It has a very strong lingering odor unlike anything else. A heavy waterproof thick oil, one of the true secrets of the old time lure makers. Great for pre-season rub stations.

Skunk Oil

Skunk Oil
All natural, mild heavy oil, manufactured thru a special heat process, it is not rank or skunky in odor. Blends well with almost all oils in lure and bait formulations. It can be used as a base foundation, or as an all-weather or waterproof ingredient. Try it on canines and be impressed. If placed on a dry stick and allowed to soak in, it’s like candy and they will chew up the stick.

500ml (17 oz) $24.95 + $5 Added Shipping $29.95
Beaver Tail Oil

Beaver Tail Oil
100% Pure Beaver Tail Oil, a thick oil used in lure and bait formulation or used straight as a food type lure. It is extremely attractive to cats, foxes, coyotes & wolves. It causes a licking and biting response when applied to an object.

500ml (17 oz) $49.95 + $5 Added Shipping $54.95
Forsyth Fox Call Lure

Fox Call Lure
Does what the name says - calls the fox in. A shot of pure skunk gives this carefully blended lure an added boost. Equally as good on coyote and bobcat, Fox Call will work almost as hard as you do. Formulated to be used in most weather conditions it has been tested to -40F. Try a bottle!

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Bobcat & Lynx Lure

Bobcat & Lynx Lure
Big seller in northern BC and Alaska; highly effective, very strong and definitely an all season lure which appeals to the cat's natural curiosity. Bobcat & Lynx has the ability to draw out the feline and hold its interest at the set. Works well in all types of terrain.

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Lonesome Tom Lure

Lonesome Tom
Every cat's passion! Developed in 2010 with 30 years of lure making experience going into this jar. Cats can be reluctant to investigate odors at times, but this one was formulated to enhance their sexual response and curiosity. Trapper's can't depend on food odors alone when rabbit cycles are high.
$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Lynx Gland Lure

Lynx Gland Lure
Due to high demand from the cat trappers, this lure was formulated from fresh lynx glands type and secretions precisely seasoned. It brings out the territorial instinct of every cat! Put up in a thick freeze proof paste. Works on coyote and wolves as well.

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Timber Wolf Gland Lure

Wolf Gland Lure
If you are serious about trapping these elusive animals this is the lure for you. A true favorite of the hard core wolfers, this thick gland lure is extremely powerful. Count on it!

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Timber Wolf Call Lure

Wolf Call Lure
This specially designed mid-range lure is a supreme blend of fixed base oils and ingredients that are highly attractive to the wolf family. This can be used alone or in combination with our Wolf Gland Lure. It meets our rigid standards - you be the judge.

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Wolverine Lure

Wolverine Lure
Twenty years of use have proven this to be a great attractor for the "old devil." Long line trappers use this to trap this elusive and destructive opponent. Contains genuine musk of weasel glands. Not one to be without!

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Weasel Lure

Weasel Lure
Developed due to a high demand and strong ermine prices, this lure is based on a blend of weasel glands and natural food ingredients.

$12.95 - 50ml
Forsyth Fisher & Marten Lure

K9 Triple Take Lure
Without a doubt this is the best Fisher & Marten lure on the market today! Constant demand makes this a huge success and a sellout every year. For the 20th year in a row this has been our number one seller. Works well on all types of predators. Once you have tried it you won't start a trapping season without it.
$12.95 - 50ml
Shellfish Oil

Shellfish Oil
Intense concentrated shellfish oil can be used alone or combined with other fish oil or lure making ingredients. Great for coons!

100ml (3.40 oz) - $9.95
Trout Fish Oil

Trout Oil
A powerful natural fish oil, used to attract all furbearers, produced here with the aid of a heat treatment process. Unlike any other on the market.

Northern Fish Oil

Fish Oil
High grade pure northern pressed fish oil. Very heavy & thick. Excellent attractor to most animals. To be used alone or in combination with lures.

Atlantic Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil
Freshly extracted Atlantic salmon oil, naturally rich raw material with a long lasting deep smooth odor.

Glycerine Oil
High Grade

99.8% offered to the trade today, used in antifreeze liquid base, solvent for tincturing and preservative for those wanting a more oily and heavy base.

Propylene Glycol

This is the finest quality available to the lure trade. This product is used in semi-preservative, solvents for tincturing and antifreeze for lure urine bases.

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